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 Welcome! Hello, my name is Ann Lucia Chan

If you are in search of pain relief and a sense of well-being. 

I offer a nurturing environment combined with effective techniques to promote  healing. Together  we can unravel the issues which interfere with your ability to heal.  

Overcome your frustrations and experience my integrated Body, Mind, Brain client-centered approach to address the root of your problems.  I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

I offer the following services:

Ortho-Bionomy: a comprehensive and effective body therapy system for gentle relief of pain from stress and injury, teaching the body to remember balance.

Adult and Pediatric Cranial Sacral:  gentle work with the cranial-sacral pulse of infants, children and adults

Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT): integration of underdeveloped early reflexes that affect learning and posture

Bones for Life: Feldenkrais based exercises to strenghten bones and posture

Walk for Life: Feldenkrais based walk program using poles

SolutionsSelf- Care Feldenkrais based exercises 

Mindful Eating: Movement based  awareness of eating

Learning Breakthrough Program (LBP): exercises to balance the vestibular system

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Trauma and Developmental Therapy for bodytherapist

Somatic Experience:  integration of body and mind for pre and post-surgery support,  motor vehicle accidents and whiplash.  Somatic trauma resolution of  prenatal, birth trauma and injury, early trauma work and issues of self-regulation.

Neuroptimal: Neurofeedback to optimize the brain functions for daily function and optimal learning

Rayonex: Vibrational Biofeedback  working on the causes and  presenting problems

The above services do not constitute psychotherapy, counseling or mental health services. They are psycho-education or consulting services.  Ann L. Chan will refer you to a licensed mental health professional if she determines that psychological or mental-health intervention, treatment or assessment is needed.

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